Mar 18, 2014

[DEV] DevComPack project - update (1.0.2)

DCP Setup Maker has come a very long way since its first alpha release, one year ago!

Since then, it has been brought to the top with a concentration of many powerful, stable and smart functionalities that made him a professional tool used in enterprises at production level.

The best of the story is that it is still 100% free, and will always be!! ;)

Oct 30, 2013

[DEV] DevComPack project

Basically, the project was initiated on Mars 2013
by Capgemini group as an internship project
for my university graduation thesis.

The DevComPack (or simply DCP) project name is composed of three basic tags that describe the initial purpose of this project: Developers, Company and Package
What this means is that we should be able to make and manage packages for the developers of a certain company.

 The project is carried out to improve the management process for machines of the SNCF Fret company project's developers, using both Dashboard and Setup Maker applications.

Powerpoint Presentation

The Setup Maker application is licensed under Apache Licence 2.0 and can be downloaded from here

Oct 20, 2013

Knowledge and Science

It's funny how I started being passionate about learning only after I graduated from college.. But it's never too late to learn, right? 

Besides, what I was seeking wasn't taught in schools.. yet.

So I learned much from many different fields, going from computer science to neuroscience, astronomy to quantum mechanics to mankind history, trying to make sense for every single question I had about the life, universe and society surrounding me.

Among the subjects that I found personally interesting were:
  • The String theory
  • The computational neuroscience
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Religions and Civilizations throughout the history
My eyes started to open-up on the ' true' world.

Then I started working on my childhood dream, an artificial intelligence which can think and has emotions (like a human). A big challenge I accepted!

I named: HumInAct (or HIA)
The human's intelligency actor...

Sep 2, 2012

[COM] Google Ambassador Program 2012-13

During the last week of August 2012, Google hosted 235 students from 70 universities in 11 countries from all over the Middle East and North Africa for the second run of our Google Student Ambassador Program. With 160 more students than last year, the Google Student Ambassador (GSA) program tripled in size this year. Students came from far and wide to attend the training which took place in the busy grand city of Cairo, Egypt. 

Annnd here we go again! :D
A new year full of magic and Googley surprises!!

YES! Google just decided to pick me up again for the 2nd year to represent it in my country as a Google Student Ambassador, as well as a former one (meaning an old/new GSA on board).

That also means another awesome training week with all new GSAs in Cairo ;)

Moroccan GSAs arriving at Cairo airport