Dec 23, 2008

[GAME] X-Tra System

My first game ever, that is finally 'playable' =D I name: X-Tra System!

All created using the great software 'RPG Maker XP' which I felt in love with at the time I started playing with it, and it was actually the one that made me interested in programming as I first learned about Variables, Conditions, Loops and Ruby Programming using this software, so thanks RPG Maker! :p

I actually started playing with Game Maker at first, which I didn't really get how it works, then RPG Maker 2003 before passing to the XP version which was way more likely especially in graphics and of course more powerful tools.

And that's how I started making my own game, X-Tra System, while learning how to use that software.
I tried my best to make a 'different' game, at that time, where it isn't just about fighting enemies, collecting items or even managing a farm! It's about a whole world where 'YOU' may choose what to do, and you are the only person responsible in making from your playing a game of yours!

That was essentially my point of view, and I worked hard onto it, so I started by using the resources I could get easily from the internet, like pictures and animated characters, then I used those to create other resources personalized to the game, like adding some animations to a character or making many clothes/aspects of one character... using the pixel-art.

The main idea of this game is to be able to live at a world with its own limitations and rules you should respect but could eventually not and accept the consequences!
It's all happening in the gold era, where people are working on making the world an easy place to live in...

I chose to implement some science-fiction into it as well, for more juice in the gameplay, making the player feel like he can do much more than what he can do in real life!
That's essentially the start point I planned for this game, however I couldn't have enough time to finish, but the main skeleton is already there ^^


So it's about a world, run by a god named X-Tra, who was making the rules and trying to keep everyone safe and peaceful... Except that there was a 2nd god controlling a big army of demons called the Darks who went down to the planet to destroy everything...

I didn't think a lot about the story as well ^^' I was more like "making a game and that's it!"


So the game starts with an animated introduction where we can see kids in a history class, the professor asks if anyone could retell the story of X-Tra and the Darks and that's when Jack volunteers, so he begins telling the story, and we see a look back at the past where the events started, and then the professor felicitates him and goes out for a minute.
Kids start talking with each other about X-Tra and its 7 beautiful fairies, and there's a kid mocking them thinking that it's all just a legend.
The professor returns, Jack goes back to its seat and that's when all begin telling him "Jack Wake Up!"
A sudden picture of a demon appears then we see like a shape of someone looking like X-Tra forming..*

Jack wakes up in his bed and.. he's late for school!!

The story begins ;)


 Among the freedom I made in the game, there's firstly the possibility to walk in the city, or even across all cities in the world, freely without having a special path to take for the player to continue playing.
So the player is living in his own house, with 2 floors (the ground-floor and a vault). We may see many furniture in the house with which the player can interact, like putting some items in the chest, washing hands at the basin, watering flowers, cooking a meal, changing clothes, sleeping...
He may even get some surprise guests from the neighbor knocking the door ;)

Out in the city, there's a lot to discover, a lot of places to see, jobs to get, transport means to take...
The player starts by getting an agenda of the times he has to go to school.. He's the one who must be at the school at the right moment! There won't be any automatic transition to a school scene! That's what I met by "free world" ;)
So if the player didn't go to school when he has to because he was socializing with a neighbor or playing with its pet he will receive a warning from the school principal!
At his free time, he may find a job, live his life, make some friends, and... if the player wants, he can begin his journey accepting the general quest and start the adventure [...]

You may download the game, or get the project source files to finish it if you've got enough motivation to do so ;) I may finish it sometime in the future.. But for now, I have other crazy things to make! =D

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