Nov 30, 2009

[3D] Ou Bikhir! - Moroccan 3D Animation

 After my first 3D animation, ElVio, I tried something more serious, I began working on a 3D movie trailer (the movie was never produced though ^^'). An animation of 3 minutes is never enough for a story, it's just enough for an idea, however a movie of 1 or 2 hours that is summarized into a 3 minutes trailer.. that's a larger story =D

My toolkit for this animation  project was quite professional!
Blender was my main program for all 3D works, going from modeling to animation.
I used the old 2.49 version for modeling, and then moved to the new 2.5 version for animation because of all its new features that made it simple.

At left is a picture of the Hassan2 Mosque I modeled using Blender 2.49.