Nov 30, 2009

[3D] Ou Bikhir! - Moroccan 3D Animation

 After my first 3D animation, ElVio, I tried something more serious, I began working on a 3D movie trailer (the movie was never produced though ^^'). An animation of 3 minutes is never enough for a story, it's just enough for an idea, however a movie of 1 or 2 hours that is summarized into a 3 minutes trailer.. that's a larger story =D

My toolkit for this animation  project was quite professional!
Blender was my main program for all 3D works, going from modeling to animation.
I used the old 2.49 version for modeling, and then moved to the new 2.5 version for animation because of all its new features that made it simple.

At left is a picture of the Hassan2 Mosque I modeled using Blender 2.49.

After my animation was all ready, I started seeking some volunteers via Internet, posting in forums and groups, to do the voice acting.
Many were interested! So I got my 4 voice actors, and started explaining the scenario to them and sent them the text they had to say in this trailer.

The next step was to make a credits scene with all of the names of people that participated in the making:
  • Zakaria Smidi
  • Sara Bourehim
  • Mehdi Chafik
  • Anass Liverpool

I used mainly After Effects for the credits scene, and Power Director for all video and sound editing tasks.


At last, the final animation is all ready to be viewed and admired by Moroccans :D I present the trailer of the so-called first Moroccan 3D animation movie:

OU Bikhir! - the Moroccan 3D animation trailer
OU Bikhir! - Nov 2009

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