Nov 20, 2010

[3D] Final Destiny - Blender Animation

Time for a beautiful animation, with better effects, and.. now, with a meaning! :p

The animation slogan in the upper wallpaper says it all: "Maybe Tonight... Maybe YOU"!
I started making my next 3D animation, Final Destiny, as a story featuring the "sudden death". A subject that I was thinking about at the time I started looking for a scenario, and I was seriously affected by, so I wanted to express my feelings through this animation :)

I used a 3D character model, Nathan, which was modeled and rigged by Gordon Goodwin, same thing for most of the 3D models present in the room which were free 3d models downloaded.

I wanted to focus more on my animation skills in this project, as I had already enough experience in modeling.

Nov 6, 2010

[CURSUS] 3D Computer Graphics

 At my childhood, I was very (very) obsessed by animations, comics, video games and all this fun world!
I guess you will all think that "This is normal, all children like these things!", and you're absolutely right =D except that for my case, I wasn't falling in love with the results, but instead I was looking for the way some people out there used to create such animations, games..

So.. At the age of 14, I started my searches on the internet for a "perfect" software that would help me make what I was dreaming of creating some day!

is the name of the software I finally got in hands, after having tried many others, to use for my self-training on 3D animations and game making.
 Sure it wasn't very easy, and its interface didn't welcome new users, but it was free, and it had the essential I needed at that time to make my dreams come true. (Well now Blender has changed and it's a way more perfect than it was, it makes me very proud of having chosen it instead of other professional ones =D )