Nov 20, 2010

[3D] Final Destiny - Blender Animation

Time for a beautiful animation, with better effects, and.. now, with a meaning! :p

The animation slogan in the upper wallpaper says it all: "Maybe Tonight... Maybe YOU"!
I started making my next 3D animation, Final Destiny, as a story featuring the "sudden death". A subject that I was thinking about at the time I started looking for a scenario, and I was seriously affected by, so I wanted to express my feelings through this animation :)

I used a 3D character model, Nathan, which was modeled and rigged by Gordon Goodwin, same thing for most of the 3D models present in the room which were free 3d models downloaded.

I wanted to focus more on my animation skills in this project, as I had already enough experience in modeling.

All the materials, texturing and shading however were done by myself. I tried to give a dark, sad and realistic aspect to this animation to make people think.

My production toolkit was still Blender for 3D animations and After Effects for special effects.

It took me about 3 months of work to get 3 minutes of animation.. Seems fair enough, and it was fun to make :D

 Then I contacted a music composer, Mahmoud El Arch, to compose a good music for it.. he did a good job I think!
And also with the help of 's public rendering service, I could get some high-definition renders in little time, and without using my own computer's resources! (which are not quite powerful for a 3D animation), thanks to's administrator Julius Tuomisto for its support.

And here's the final result...


The animation contains some stereoscopic rendering scenes (when the character looks around in the room) that can give a sense of depth if the watcher uses the Red-Cyan 3D anaglyph glasses during that scene. That way he can really feel himself inside the story :D

Here's a 3D bonus view of the room

all stereoscopic ways are merged, you can use the ones in bottom if you don't have 3d glasses
by looking at two pictures at the same time (parallel or crossed eyes)

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