Nov 6, 2010

[CURSUS] 3D Computer Graphics

 At my childhood, I was very (very) obsessed by animations, comics, video games and all this fun world!
I guess you will all think that "This is normal, all children like these things!", and you're absolutely right =D except that for my case, I wasn't falling in love with the results, but instead I was looking for the way some people out there used to create such animations, games..

So.. At the age of 14, I started my searches on the internet for a "perfect" software that would help me make what I was dreaming of creating some day!

is the name of the software I finally got in hands, after having tried many others, to use for my self-training on 3D animations and game making.
 Sure it wasn't very easy, and its interface didn't welcome new users, but it was free, and it had the essential I needed at that time to make my dreams come true. (Well now Blender has changed and it's a way more perfect than it was, it makes me very proud of having chosen it instead of other professional ones =D )

 I started reading manuals and books about 3D Art. That was very new to me, but I was motivated enough to be patient and not abandon my dreams.. I don't say that I was learning it by myself day by day, I wasn't motivated all the time ^^"! So there was days, weeks, sometimes months without touching 3D. Then I just get a strange feeling and I run into some tutorials to improve my Graphics skills.

Actually I started already, after 1 year, working on my own 3D animation :p That was crazy! But I don't know how I was thinking that I could do it.. alone!
Unfortunately I couldn't know if I really was able to work on it :/ There was a problem on my computer and all files were lost.. I just have the poster of it (could have been a great animation! )

You can see the poster on the left. (project interrupted in 2007)

I just went back to my self-training after few months of deception...

 I started to work with people on the internet that are also passioned about 3D, most of the projects I worked on were MMORPGs in 3D. So my main role was as a 3D modeler of objects. I wasn't really ready at that time to work as a modeller, but it was a great challenge for me to push my capacities further and accelerate my training, and the idea was a success!

Little Jurassic People, MMORPG - Jun 2009

 My skills were being improved every day. I was getting professional! And I even joined, for the first time, a 3D Modeling Challenge, about Epic Weapons (organised by 3dvia).
I participated with this model (at right) that I made after analyzing different weapons' structures and designs:
 the Article

 I went up to the next level, and started doing 3D modeling as a freelance work! My first proposition as a job was from someone from US who did patent a new guitar design, and wanted me to model it exactly as its specifications that he sent me. It was an electric guitar, and at that time I wasn't really into the guitar business, and I see names like "fret", "bridge", "neck"... What exactly did all these terms mean ??

Of course I wasn't ready to refuse the work, this was my first job and I was so enthusiastic about it, so I just made my researches for guitars, electric guitars and their specific designs (especially for the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul guitar models), and here I was, ready for some guitar modeling:
Not a very professional look, I may do better now, but what can I say, this was my first paid work! And worked very hard for it! I didn't even know that I could make a 3D electric guitar model like this at that moment.

Anyway, my level got better and better after that, and I started making some more complex models.

Then I started thinking about my main mission from all of this...
Making an animation!
So I stopped modeling and focused on the animation side.

I started with some intro animations for a team I was working with on an RPG project named "L'usine en folie", here's one of my works:

My first successful animation was ElVio, a quick one about an elf character being created progressively then animated. That was my first try at 3D animation =D I guess it's nice enough!

ElVio - Jul 2009

 I thought it would be nice to have a Demo Reel (It's like a portfolio for animators), as I didn't have anyone, so I made a video editing of all past animations I made into a single video to showcase my skills:

Demo reel 2010

I got then a proposition from some people to help them make a tv spot, and it was an opportunity for me to get my hand more dirty on 3D. I made this ad in about a month (the music is a composition I made some time ago, I know it doesn't fit too much with the animation!)

 My 3D works now are sort of "normal" for me, as I use them for quick projects in no more than 5 minutes, so there's no need for me anymore to showcase all of my 3D works (unless it really deserves! =D)...

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