Aug 1, 2011

[COM] Google Ambassador Program 2011-12

Congratulations! You’re now our Google Student Ambassador at EMSI.
This is the exact words that changed my life!
For the first time, I was directly engaged with the company I always was dreaming of working for!
This was like a dream come true..

The crazy part is that I didn't even think about the possibility of being chosen... I just went to the g|days at Morocco (g|Maghreb) that was hosted for the first time too, and while attending the Google for Students workshop, I got the link for registering for this program...

And I just did it.. At the last moment!

The questions that I had to answer were not very easy, and especially, not the kind of questions that I am used to answer at school (or at life). But anyhow, I did complete the form, answer the questions, write the cover letter and about the chosen topic (mine was about Mobile usability in Arab countries).

Here's my cover letter and essay ;)

As of June 3rd, a strange mail came to my inbox... I'm a Student Ambassador of Google!
I'm one of the 72 ambassadors that were chosen among 900 who applied to the program!

This was the first time Google launches this program in MENA region. We are the first batch of Arab ambassadors. In other words, we're the ones who will make this program successful for future ambassadors ;)
 As a way for Google to make this program more known by students over the world, they told all ambassadors to make a video of 3 minutes explaining what this program is about.

This was among the 3 videos that were projected at the Graduation Day! =D

Google managed to assemble all MENA Ambassadors in Cairo, Egypt, for a one week training in July 2011. Ambassadors from 33 different universities from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have come together to attend a one-week training given by Googlers from all over the world.

Everything was taken in charge by Google. Transportation fees, food, accommodation...
We learned about Google tools, technologies and latest products, received communication, presentation and leadership skill workshops.. And we especially had a LOT of fun! =D

Isn't it an honor to be on an official Google video ?! 

This was a one life-time experience!

MENA GSAs 2011-12

 Among my activities as a GSA, I organised many Google events, and participated in some national events as a Google representative.

Graduated! =D

I received my diploma from Google, as a GSA, isn't it wonderful! ^^;

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