Nov 30, 2011

[CURSUS] Film Making

I always dreamed about making my own film, my own story.. A whole scenario produced by no one but myself! :D
I made this logo for the Cinema club in EMSI

It wasn't easy because I had to first learn all about film making, which is a very large domain, with so many things to learn! I shouldn't be only limited to what Windows Movie Maker had to offer...

Nov 20, 2011


I'm a student at EMSI (Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingénieur) and I'm at my fourth year (out of five). However this year I'm not only a student, I'm also part of the student council!

I name "BDE EMSI 2012", the student council that will make the change we've all been waiting for.

A student council that will work for the students, and not only for itself!
I got the post of "Responsible for clubs".. A nice title.. However I'm also the one who makes everything related to graphics and video making.

The administration of EMSI told all teams applying for student council to make a short video presenting all of the team members. The video will then be projected on all schools' screens till the elections day.. Here's ours (produced by me ^^):

I opted for a video of us more comfortable than serious