Nov 20, 2011


I'm a student at EMSI (Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingénieur) and I'm at my fourth year (out of five). However this year I'm not only a student, I'm also part of the student council!

I name "BDE EMSI 2012", the student council that will make the change we've all been waiting for.

A student council that will work for the students, and not only for itself!
I got the post of "Responsible for clubs".. A nice title.. However I'm also the one who makes everything related to graphics and video making.

The administration of EMSI told all teams applying for student council to make a short video presenting all of the team members. The video will then be projected on all schools' screens till the elections day.. Here's ours (produced by me ^^):

I opted for a video of us more comfortable than serious

Honestly, it was the best video done from all teams in other locations of the school :p We, however, were the only team competing for the student council position in our location (Maârif).

No chance! We were very ready for challenge! We even wen't talking to MOMO, a big radio star in Morocco, making him vote for our team:

Yeah we did great.. But we also had a lot of criticism from people telling us that this all was just for money, or for fame.. Yeah right!
Well we just won the elections and began working on our program..

Got to tell you, we had a great program for students, with the best prices possible! We also did a collaboration with the other teams of other locations of our school (3 exactly) to form a bigger group of members at the general student council of EMSI Casablanca!

Our first event was the Integration Day.. briefly: It was an awesome day!

The Integration Day was organized on a big activities club, located in Skhirat.
We managed to get 7 autocars to transport about 300 students to the club, and have a lot of fun in activities like Volleyball, Football, Paintball.. in addition to a DJ Animation for all day long!

We had this time a great feedback from those who participated in this day, then also a "good job" from people who saw this video about how the day went. This is all we needed to boost our works for next event!

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