Nov 30, 2011

[CURSUS] Film Making

I always dreamed about making my own film, my own story.. A whole scenario produced by no one but myself! :D
I made this logo for the Cinema club in EMSI

It wasn't easy because I had to first learn all about film making, which is a very large domain, with so many things to learn! I shouldn't be only limited to what Windows Movie Maker had to offer...

My first attempt was with Cyberlink Power Director 7, a video editing software that I got from a computer magazine and that took place as a tool for all crazy videos I started making with videos and animations downloaded online, or recorded from some games I was playing...

Here's an example of some videos I made up from soccer sequences I saved on my computer while playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6. I was already thinking about making a whole "movie"! :p

PES: The Movie
1 2 3

So I made my high school project based on what I've learned so far, and this is what makes my first home made video :)
The video is made as a sort of TV news program about Illegal Immigration with some friends:

L'immigration Clandestine, school project
A great clapping momment from the whole class motivated me to not stop there and step up to the next level! "Visual Special Effects"...

Not as easy as it sounds, and not as hard as people think :D Especially when I had the passion to learn it!
And knowing that Power Director is just a simple video editing tool, I should look for something more suitable for VFX. And that's when I run into Wondertouch Particle Illusion, which I think was perfect for me to start learning about visual effects.

The next video project I made included all cool creations I made using that software. A second school project, this time about Stress. We did an interview with a psychologist to get her opinion about Stress, then with a pharmacist:

Stress interview, school project

Particle Illusion wasn't good enough for me though, so I switched to a more professional tool to be able to integrate both video editing and VFX in one place: Adobe After Effects.
I started testing my skills while learning on a great free training website (, here are some examples:

Kamehameha test video

Invisibility cap test video

That's when I began creating some really cool videos that I'm proud of. I joined a Cinema club at my college as a producer for the first ever school made short-film.
We managed to host a casting event to get whose gonna be an actor at the film, and then... Well, we just made that Casting a movie :p

So I added a new tool to my pipeline for quick video editing, letting After Effects only for VFX, and that is Sony Vegas Pro.

Here's the result:
Le Casting, club cinema

I was so happy of my first short-film video (not a real short-film though ^^') and we even projected the video on a premiere event at the school and we got a lot of great feedback! (another reason to not stop there and go on... :D)

That was the launch to a big sequence of videos I've edited and produced to many people. Among them, some project for a Master group, about their final project:

SOS Livraison

Another video project made on streets, asking people about transportation in Morocco for a new carpooling project started in Morocco named:

Micro trottoir:

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