Jun 16, 2011

[CURSUS] Music Composition

Music, another media field,

and yet another interesting cursus..

I never thought a day will come when I will be able to compose my very own music! But, like it is said so well:
"Nothing is impossible!" =D

I actually had a crush on music rhythm games, because I was feeling like playing the music myself. I tried a lot of these type of games like Guitar Hero and others.

Then, my first attempt at music composition was indeed a flash application that I found by coincidence, and that I found so cool and fun.


Punk-o-matic flash game interface

My test on this application was quite good. I made many metal compositions using different recorded samples from the app:

And thus I, as it must be, went up to the next lext searching for professional music making software to learn and master for my music composition way.

The first was a very known mixing software, Virtual DJ, a good start at music mixing and sound effects, but no pure composition there. Another research gave me the FL Studio (named Fruity Loops at that time).

I also tried other professional software, but stuck with FL Studio with his friendly user interface and easy logic.
And so, my compositions were going on and on with more sounds made:

Switched to some live performances, using virtual instruments, to compose some music using keypad:

Finally, I found necessary to learn some "real" music instruments instead of virtual VST plugins.
So i managed to get a folk guitar and start my music career as a guitar player:

After one month of learning music logic, and guitar playing ways, I ended up with a first live guitar composition that I named: Life Story
(the name was chosen because playing that composition was reminding me of different parts of my life ^^)

All of my music compositions, except for recorded ones as video, are on my soundcloud account.

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