Feb 25, 2012

[CONTEST] The Smarter

The Smarter Competition
GSA Event

"A trip from Casablanca to Tangier"
That was actually my main idea when I accepted to participate in this competition. However things went beyond what I was expecting :p

The trip was fun

I and 2 friends from my schools went Friday from Casablanca by train, on a 5 hours path long, then, at night, a touristic walk arround Tangier with different students coming from other Moroccan cities.
Then a comfortable sleep in a 4 stars Hotel near the beach.

Saturday was time for us to come back to our city, we were waiting for the train departure at 3:30pm to arrive at 9pm at Casablanca and take a deep sleep. But things went differently..

We had the 3rd place at the first phase, among the 10 qualified teams.. Then the 2nd place among the 2 qualified teams!

Finally we took the second place, winning a cool prize:
A 500GB Toshiba Hard Drive and more..

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