May 28, 2012

[COM] Morocco+


Google launched few months ago a special challenge for all Google Ambassadors for the promotion of its newest social service: Google+

The challenge's rules were to create a team of 3 or 4 members (GSAs or Volunteers) and make plans and innovative ideas to spread the idea about Google+ to most of the people you may reach.

And that's how my Moroccan team got created, I name: Morocco+, the Moroccan Google+ team =D
The team is composed 3 GSAs from Casablanca and 1 "future GSA".

Among our activities, we did a national event, making it know as far as possible for students and entrepreneurs:

The Google+ Way

The event turned out to be a real big success, and many medias talked about it!

And that was our start to get many fans following us for the next activities: Competitions, Hangouts, Trainings...

The competitions we thought about were:
Moroccan D4G : A standard Doodle4Google competition, where designers were asked to make a design of Google's logo in a traditional Moroccan feel.
Google+ Challenge: A social competition for all universities, schools, clubs, enterprises... to create a Google+ page for their business or group and make it the most active by posting regularly on it, hosting hangouts...

Media Coverage:

There were a lot of GSA teams in the MENA region making some good work!
However we, Morocco+, were the winner of the 1st prize! =D

Google Galaxy Nexus

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