Sep 2, 2012

[COM] Google Ambassador Program 2012-13

During the last week of August 2012, Google hosted 235 students from 70 universities in 11 countries from all over the Middle East and North Africa for the second run of our Google Student Ambassador Program. With 160 more students than last year, the Google Student Ambassador (GSA) program tripled in size this year. Students came from far and wide to attend the training which took place in the busy grand city of Cairo, Egypt. 

Annnd here we go again! :D
A new year full of magic and Googley surprises!!

YES! Google just decided to pick me up again for the 2nd year to represent it in my country as a Google Student Ambassador, as well as a former one (meaning an old/new GSA on board).

That also means another awesome training week with all new GSAs in Cairo ;)

Moroccan GSAs arriving at Cairo airport

The training was great of course, I don't need to say it :p It's Google!

We stayed at the Citystars Holiday Inn hotel, and had training sessions at the Cairo International Conference Center. We multiple sessions every morning starting at 8 o'clock and finishing some time from 8pm till midnight when we had an event simulation activity.

The training was really important, and we had a lot of different sessions, some that were technical, speaking of Google APIs, Maps making... and some personal development (which I loved!).

I noticed a very strong Moroccan presence during that summit in Cairo! Moroccan GSAs were all dynamic and making their voices heard everywhere and at at every possible moments :p

There were actually 38 from Morocco, the 2nd biggest country number after Egypt with more than 200 GSAs.

Apart from studying, you may already know that Google is all about having fun, before working, to work more ;)

They've sent us to Fagnoon, a special place in Cairo to have fun with friends. And I can assure you that WE HAD FUN! There were tens of activities.. We even couldn't start choosing what to do :p

We ended the training week with a WONDERFUL gala dinner and graduation party at the epic Cairo Citadel, which just blew my eyes with that amazing Google decoration everywhere and the gorgeous Cairo panorama from top, at night... :')

What an amazing way for Google to say that it loves us, and to let us love it more and more to volunteer for them while being proud of our role as a GSA!

My first Google Ambassador activity this year was a Map Making Party, at the ENSEM school, in Casablanca.

We organized it as a sort of competition of Campus and Universities Mapping, bringing students from different universities in one place, and training them on the Google Maps Maker tool then letting them map their campuses for a while to finally choose a winner.

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