Oct 30, 2013

[DEV] DevComPack project

Basically, the project was initiated on Mars 2013
by Capgemini group as an internship project
for my university graduation thesis.

The DevComPack (or simply DCP) project name is composed of three basic tags that describe the initial purpose of this project: Developers, Company and Package
What this means is that we should be able to make and manage packages for the developers of a certain company.

 The project is carried out to improve the management process for machines of the SNCF Fret company project's developers, using both Dashboard and Setup Maker applications.

Powerpoint Presentation

The Setup Maker application is licensed under Apache Licence 2.0 and can be downloaded from here

- The first application, DCP Setup Maker is an application for automatic generation of packages, these include all the essential tools and settings for the developer working on the project and can be deployed on all platforms and operating systems with a JVM.

A powerful easy to use application to generate stable and cross-platform Java installers.
Simple To Use Stable Cross-platform
Its intuitive UI and exceptional ease of use makes it very easy to build complex installers with large amounts of files. The whole process is done step by step through a wizard-like interface, filling in fields and setting up files to finally build the package.

The first official non-beta release is finally here!

Version 1.0.1 is a full featured, stable application, ready to make all the crazy installers you may dream of ;)

The development process has began with a quick Alpha phase (versions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3) to integrate all of the required tools and libraries into a single project, then a quite long Beta phase (versions from 0.4 to 0.9) inplementing all of the functionalities and features needed for the builder to be stable and production-ready at the 1.0.1 Release Candidate version. [full changelog]

It is mainly about creating installers quickly and efficiently, following 3 simple steps: Scan, Set and Tweak to finally Build your package.


1 - Scan the directory containing the files you want to include in your package.
first step: Scan

2 - Set the parameters for your packs, including what depends on what, what must be executed...
second step: Set

3 - Tweak the final custom settings for your setup to be ready.
third step: Tweak

4 - Build your package!
last step: Build

The application have been downloaded more than 1600 times from over 100 countries between the beta versions and the first release!

What others are saying about DCP Setup Maker:

100% FreeSoftpedia:

"A Java-based and intuitive application that enables you to easily create installation packages with IzPack, by following a few simple steps"

The Setup Maker application is accessible through this website or download link
requires Java 6+ to run on any platform
powered by IzPack

- The second application, DCP Dashboard, still in early development stage, is a web application for monitoring and tracking packages that are deployed on developers’ machines which are included in the network facilities.

These applications are all coded in Java, using open source package management libraries, namely IzPack and TrueZip and others for dependencies and build like Apache Ant and Apache Maven libraries.

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