Mar 18, 2014

[DEV] DevComPack project - update (1.0.2)

DCP Setup Maker has come a very long way since its first alpha release, one year ago!

Since then, it has been brought to the top with a concentration of many powerful, stable and smart functionalities that made him a professional tool used in enterprises at production level.

The best of the story is that it is still 100% free, and will always be!! ;)

This new release-update shows only a minor version number change (1.0.1 to 1.0.2), however it is more than only some bug fixes.. It's a whole new set of tools added, based on some users feedbacks and suggestions, to make an even more complete toolset for packagers.

You may want to begin by looking at a quick 2 minutes video showing how the installer was made from the portable release archive, in no time:

A video demo on the making process of DCP Setup Maker's executable installer

Here are some good points to feature:
- Pack's paths correction: loading a started project before was working only if it was in the same machine, and the packs still in the same place, which wasn't helping if someone wanted to pass the creation task to another one in another machine to continue from where it was left.
Now when you load the project, you can go back to Scan tab and check the path, it'll be in RED color if the path doesn't exist, and all you have to do is to correct this path and save the project again with the new path.
- Inner file Shortcut: You could already create a shortcut for a specific pack, but what if you wanted to create the shortcut only for a binary file or a script inside of a folder/archive ? You could do it but importing the whole files inside the pack as single packs, and then create the pack only for the binary file pack, and for an archive you should extract it first... Now it's easier with an advanced shortcuts panel to make shortcut enabled for root path like before or only for a specific file inside.
- Custom langpack file: You had a choice between 4 languages to enable for you package, now you have the possibility to add your own language pack file inside the package. The langpack xml file should be in the same structure of the 4 already present in res/langpacks folder.
- Hidden Packs: This is a really interesting new feature which makes a pack 'hidden' from installer's list of panels. This may be needed when using some dependencies for a script that shouldn't appear on the list or when having only one pack to install, in which case the packs panel will be skipped.

Here's the release notes for version 1.0.2:
+Bug fixes
+Custom user defined langpack
+Hidden pack option
+Pack Shortcut advanced options for folders and archives
+Suggestions for folder/archive inner files' paths shortcuts
+Packs source path included into save/load
+Path Validator for scanned folder path
+Scanned folder path can now be saved as default configuration
+Changing/Correcting pack paths from Scan folder path if path error
+Editing invalidated source path doesn't scan the folder
+Added DCP version number to save-file for future versions load fix
+Multiple comma separated authors can be added (emails included)
+Helper assistant text updated
+Added Tera-Bytes to split size units
+Packs panel disabled if all packs are required
+Shortcuts panel disabled if no shortcut to install
+Log line selection copies content to clipboard
+Packs can be deleted from Set tab
+Increment version number button

You may have a list of all new features here.

Most of these features were requested by you :D So thank you for your ideas to make this product better. And we're still open to hear any ideas of comments you have for DCP Setup Maker! :)

Enjoy packaging!

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